State Park Natives: Letchworth.

The summer before our marriage, my husband and I would spend most of our mornings before work and days off wandering around local state parks. That was the convince of where we lived at the time, we were a 2 hour drive to some cool state parks in both New York and Pennsylvania. As we walked and took photos we decided that we would start to document our travels and review the parks on a blog we planned to start. We actually did pretty well with it, but life happened and we put State Park Natives on the back burner.

Fast forward to summer 2017 and we are going to get back up and running with SPN (State Park Natives) Our first post being about or family trip we took on Sunday.


Letchworth State Park, Letchworth.

Letchworth State Park is located in Western New York, southeast of Buffalo NY and southest of Rochester NY. This park is just over 14 thousand acres and roughly 17 miles long with several beautiful look out points. Letchworth is rich with history involving both Native Americans and white settlers, containing a few museums and plot markers that tell of towns that never stayed, the deep history of Mary Jemison who was adopted by the Seneca, and even some ghost sightings.

The only way I can really describe Letchworth is, breath taking. No matter what entrance you take to get into the park, you will not be disappointed by the sights that bombard you.

St. Helna Site.

We drove down to where the St. Helana village was. In the 1800s it was a small, booming with mills. Now all that sits there is a small and quiet picnic area with a trail that leads down the hill and to the Genesee River. It is a bit of a hike, but well worth it. Just don’t do what we did and try to hike down carrying two toddlers in your arms.

We did a lot of driving and a few small stops along the way for photos. Much of the Park is up hill, or down depending on which entrance you use to enter. The road is lined with stone walls that are beautiful and kept up well.

Despite the rain, we stopped as much as possible to take photos of the gorge. I tried to capture its beauty as best I could, but a photo could never compare to seeing it all face to face. I wish I could have captured my sons face when he saw the valley for the first time. Even my 2 year old can appreciate the park.


We never made it to the upper falls because the kids were getting restless, so I had to pull the photo of the train trestle from my visit to the park 4 years ago. Our last stop was the lower falls, which is the photo on the upper left. The middle photo is one of the MANY pavilions the park has set up for picnics, reunions, weddings, etc. In fact, my husband and I almost got married at Letchworth because we loved the stone buildings so much.


No matter what weekend you chose to make a trip to Letchworth, you can always find something going on in or around the park. The park has many accommodations from Inn’s to camping, and there is always something to do. The park offers swimming, fishing, hiking, white water rafting, and more.


So next time you are in Western New York and make your way to the park, I promise you wont be disappointed.