On The Road With Kids: My Top 4 Essentials.

If you have ever been in the car for a long time, you know how uncomfortable it can become. Now imagine if you are a toddler or child trying to sit in the car for hours. My two year old can hardly sit for 5 minutes, he gets that from me, I always have to be doing something.

I have found that when we are going on a trip, even if it is just around town to pay bills and do shopping, I have to be prepared for everything and anything. This is pretty vital when you have children, especially two toddlers who fear nothing.

  1. Emergency kit– My emergency kit is something I picked up at a drug store. It contains everything you need for cuts, burns, Tylenol, upset tummy, all basic first aid. I keep one in my car at all times, you never know when you will stop at a park so the kids can let off some energy or if someone decides to climb out of the cart in the store. I also found it helpful to put fun stickers in the kit so my kids will feel better.
  2. Collapsible Baskets– I have several in the car. One for toys that are in car only, we switch them out every few months. One for extra diapers, wipes, sunscreen, extra clothing for kids and mom, and snacks that wont go bad. I do not keep drinks like bottled water in car, I bring those when leaving. I keep an extra basket for things like muddy shoes, wet clothing, etc. A bag would work great for these as well. It also helps keep that car more organized
  3. Small cooler/Large Lunch Box– Kids are CONSTANTLY hungry, except when it is time for dinner. I try to pack little lunch like things to go along with the snacks I already keep in the car. Due to us only have one vehicle right now, we have to plan our day during my husbands work schedule. Which means all or our store trips, bill paying, etc is around lunch time. We also live in a city, so we tend to get stuck in traffic a bit. This is where the lunch box is handy. My kids have quick snacks to grab. I put in PB&J sandwiches, cheese sticks, drinks, fruit, veggies. This is also a must if you breastfeed, you have snacks and some where to store milk if you have to pump.
  4. Toys– I know I mentioned this in number 2 about the baskets, but I want to go a little more into it. I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of small $1 toys for the car. Something that if it gets lost wont be missed. We have cars, books, stuffed animals, coloring supplies, toys that make sounds, and some outside toys like chalk for when we stop to play. Stopping to play is super important for us, the kids need to get out some of that energy the build up. Some people like to bring things like tablets, Ipads, portable DVD players, which is all fine, but my kids are small yet, so I try to stay away for digital unless we will be in the car for hours. That is where I bring portable DVD players and some movies.


I always keep these items in my car, even if we are going across town. Have two toddlers has taught me that even when you are prepared, you are never really prepared. These items just help my day go a little smoother when we are out and about.

Do you have any “must have” items in your car? Email me about them at Chaoswithsugar@gmail.com or comment below! Have a great trip!